With our own storm detection network, Weatherplaza can quickly and accurately warn our customers about potential thunderstorms.

Own storm detection network.

A thunderstorm is one of the most powerful natural phenomena and must therefore be closely monitored.  Thunderstorms are dangerous and can have catastrophic consequences if the lightning manages to hit the wrong place.  Weatherplaza takes thunderstorms very seriously, so seriously in fact that, we have set up our own network of high quality storm detectors in the Netherlands. This network gives us the ability to follow thunderstorms closely and to analyse the structure of the storm clouds at the same time.  We can determine if the lightning discharges are mostly from cloud to cloud or from the clouds to the ground. It is also possible to measure Increases and decreases in thunderstorm intensity.

Warning service

Intelligent analysis of thunderstorms is essential if accurate and reliable warnings are to be distributed to customers. Using Weatherplaza systems, clients are able to minimize the impact of thunderstorms on their work and leisure. If for example you are responsible for staff, schoolchildren or even a football team, Weatherplaza alerts can help ensure everyone’s safety.

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Background detection network

Working in conjunction with Earth Networks, Weatherplaza has established a network of weather and storm observations points around the world. Our network is unique in detecting both discharges in the clouds as well as discharges to earth. This enables Weatherplaza to alert clients to extreme weather and protect you and your processes from nearby lightning. The video below explains more about the network.

In the Netherlands, Weatherplaza has setup our own thunderstorm sensors. We know exactly when and where electrical discharges have occurred. As a consequence, it is possible for Weatherplaza to provide alert services to aviation, rail, recreation and government agencies. You can even install a sensor at your own location which is very simple and quick to do.

Consumers can also see at a glance where the nearest lightning has discharged with the App Lightning Alarm ( iOS / Android ).  You can see within a few seconds how far away a thunderstorm is, which is a really useful tool for people out and about.