The weather determines a nations energy consumption in both hot or cold climates.  In the ‘renewables sector’ it is the key driver for energy production of both wind and solar energy.

Making weather work for energy!

Weather plays a critical role in determining the right mix for energy production. Generating the energy requirements from both wind and solar energy, in hot and cold environments depends on detailed and accurate weather forecasts. Weather impacts all aspects of energy production, but if you understand it, and plan for potential outcomes your business will benefit.

Managing the difference between a forecast and actual conditions

Managing the costs implications between a forecast and actual conditions can be very complex.  Costs can increase rapidly which is why high-quality weather forecasts are essential.  Accurate forecasts will provide your trading teams with critical advantage before trades are placed. With the introduction of ‘scenario forecasting’, traders are provided with key confidence levels that allow for meaningful risk analysis to take place before trades are executed.


Predicting wind and solar energy is highly dependent on high quality, accurate weather forecasting.  Sophisticated, industry centric, weather models have been developed that can seamlessly plug in and support your operations. These include high resolution models for global radiation as well as volcanic ash height levels with wind speed and direction. Whatever your requirements forecast datasets can be delivered directly to your personalised dashboard on computer, tablet or phone.

Project Maintenance, Transport and Offshore

As a full-service weather company Infoplaza provides services for a variety of industries. These include industries such as road, rail, agriculture, energy and companies working in offshore sectors.  In order to set industry specific systems, we calibrate model settings with appropriate weather requirements. Projects are managed from start to finish with the correct weather and risk analysis, as well as providing clear weather windows that display warnings if limits are exceeded.

Weather forecasts are developed using state of the art modelling, applied physics and sophisticated mathematical algorithms.  All output is quality checked by meteorologists before being sent to clients.  Our forecast team has experience in a range of industry sectors that allow for highly tailored and accurate services, delivered in flexible and dynamic platforms.

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