I have been involved with weather since 1992. Originally at the KNMI (Dutch Meteorological Agency), I was responsible for aviation forecasts for Schiphol Airport. Following that I worked for the Dutch media publication, De Bilt on weather forecasts for both print and online. From 1996 I was working on radio and television, including, NOS, Broadcasting West, Broadcasting Zeeland, Radio2 and Radio3. I also presented the weather in the NOS Journal for 2 years. Right now, I also do the Flevoland broadcast.

From 2009, I have been working with colleagues in Infoplaza BV. I am always busy producing weather forecasts for the newspapers, the weather site and Radio1 website. For me, Infoplaza is a small, professional, enthusiastic and fun company to work for. There is a really good a team atmosphere within the whole company.