Everyday Weatherplaza generates millions of weather forecasts for locations all around the world.

From 0’s and 1’s to wind and rain.

However, for a forecast to be produced a lot has to happen. Weatherplaza’s forecasts are the sum of several weather models, observational systems, statistics as well as the experience and knowledge of our meteorological team.

The data Weatherplaza receives includes satellite photos, radar images and lightning data worldwide every 5 to 15 minutes. This data helps us to determine precisely what the weather is actually doing.  All data received is processed along with the global measurements from observation stations every hour in order to produce our interpretation of global weather.

Weatherplaza also uses multiple weather models, which all calculate weather conditions for their own forecast periods.  With the inclusion of detailed verification, Weatherplaza has been able to understand which models produce the most accurate results when applied to given situations. As a direct consequence of this high-end statistical analysis and interpretation, the best possible weather forecast is created six times a day for any place in the world.  With the use of fast computers and flexible databases, the Weatherplaza forecast process is completely automatic.  Billions of 0’s and 1’s are processed every day into easy to understand weather forecasts.

Continuous controls and improvement

When required, our forecast team can add additional quality.  By monitoring weather developments and knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the weather models, the meteorologists are able to join the dots and provide the best weather advice.  In addition, forecasters are able to extract the most appropriate information for users from the mountain of weather data available.  In this way, Weatherplaza is able to get a clear sense of what is happening and send an alarm to the user when necessary.

Weatherplaza continues to work on improving the quality of our forecasts every day even though the amount of data available continues to increase rapidly. Together with new mathematical analysis techniques and faster processing due to the growing power of computers, our R&D team constantly find new ways of improving systems.

Weatherplaza’s immediate focus is on the critical first 12 hours of a forecast.  Thunderstorms, wind effects, as well as snow and ice can all have a major effect on the daily lives of both people and business. Going forward we expect that new techniques will make weather models even more closely match the weather.  As a consequence, Weatherplaza will be able to provide more precise information, which will give companies and agencies the right advice to plan successfully.