Infoplaza services are developed to ensure that weather becomes a calculable factor. As soon as this factor is established, it saves clients time and money.

Our passion: simple presentation of complex information

Infoplaza offers a comprehensive portfolio of business services for companies, media and governments. In the media, Infoplaza plays an important role in producing and editing content for clients.  For both companies and governments, Infoplaza provides a number of standard solutions for generic requirements as well as bespoke services for specific projects.  By allowing clients to measure the effects or weather on their business, they will save significant time and money.

Business Sectors


Everyday Weatherplaza generates millions of weather forecasts for locations all around the world. From 0’s and 1’s to wind and rain. However, for a forecast to be produced a lot has to happen. Weatherplaza’s forecasts are the sum of several weather models,…

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Energy Support

The weather determines a nations energy consumption in both hot or cold climates.  In the ‘renewables sector’ it is the key driver for energy production of both wind and solar energy. Making weather work for energy! Weather plays a critical role in…

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Marine weather

With your own personalised dashboard you can see at a glance if the weather will exceed your project limits. Understanding marine weather, mitigates business risk! Whether it’s a rig move, subsea maintenance or a heavy lift, good weather decisions will determine the…

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Storm Detection

With our own storm detection network, Weatherplaza can quickly and accurately warn our customers about potential thunderstorms. Own storm detection network. A thunderstorm is one of the most powerful natural phenomena and must therefore be closely monitored.  Thunderstorms are dangerous and can…

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