We work with an enthusiastic team of young professionals, specialists in each of his or her own field. Our meteorologists have either trained at leading meteorological organisations or at university and have many years of experience in the weather. With our team of developers, we understand all modern programming languages ​​as well as specialist knowledge in the fields of weather, travel and location information.

Global Business Development

Jim Murray

Global Business Development (LinkedIn). I started my business life as a professional marketeer, but through a mixture of circumstance (and luck) quickly found out that I enjoyed working directly with clients through Business Development. Although I have a lot of experience in…

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Managing Board

Menno Bom

Director / Owner, Entrepreneur and Marketeer (LinkedIn). From 1996, I have been an entrepreneurial marketeer working in the fantastic world of applied information… weather, traffic and public transport.  In recent years with Infoplaza, I have been involved in developing WeatherPlaza, Traffic Plot…

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René Westening

Director / Owner, Business Developer (LinkedIn). Infoplaza is a platform for specific applied information that informs millions of visitors monthly.  Through Infoplaza.nl and affiliated websites like Weerplaza.nl (Weather), Verkeerplaza.nl (Traffic), Zomerplaza.nl (Summer) and Winterplaza.nl (Winter), consumers and businesses can quickly and easily…

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Marketing & Sales

Babs van Gisbergen

Freelance | Business Developer | Media Sales (LinkedIn). I am an experienced enterprising business developer and a customer-oriented seller. As a consequence I am involved in helping companies, products and teams grow by listening carefully to customer demand and translating answers into…

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Esmeralda van Dasselaar

Online Marketeer, projectmanager (LinkedIn). After completing my Geo-Communication studies at Utrecht University, I started to work in the online world. I have always had a lot of interest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and innovation so I wanted to explore opportunities that…

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Olaf Sueters

Business Development (LinkedIn). A number of years ago I spent 6 years working as an Account Manager in the weather business with Weathernews (WNI), responsible for many high profile clients. The weather industry became an area a great interest for me as…

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Weather Experts

Ben Lankamp

Meteorologist and Developer (LinkedIn). Ik kwam voor het eerst in contact met meteorologie tijdens het actieve atlantisch orkaanseizoen in 1995. De jaren daarop volgend raakte ik steeds meer geinteresseerd in het weer. Na mijn IT opleiding, heb ik eerst gewerkt als automatiseerder…

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Diana Woei

Meteorologist I have been involved with weather since 1992. Originally at the KNMI (Dutch Meteorological Agency), I was responsible for aviation forecasts for Schiphol Airport. Following that I worked for the Dutch media publication, De Bilt on weather forecasts for both print…

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Marco Verhoef

Meteorologist and presentor (LinkedIn). My passion for the weather has grown over the years. At high school, I enjoyed studying weather but it wasn’t studied on a daily basis. However, my interest in it continued to increase, which ultimately resulted in a…

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Michiel Severin

Senior Meteorologist, Operations Manager (LinkedIn). My first experience in the world of meteorology was back in the early 1990s. The first years of my career were with KNMI at Schiphol Airport and then from 1994 in De Bilt. At De Bilt I…

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Raymond Klaassen

Meteorologist (LinkedIn). Meteorology has always been a fascination for me. When I was young I was always interested in everything that was happening in the sky, especially the clouds which always looked beautiful. Since 1990 I have been active in a number…

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Wilfred Janssen

Meteorologist (LinkedIn). I’ve always been interested in the weather, especially trying to figure out weather extremes. I knew if I could figure out the extremes I would be able to pinpoint good weather so I could go outside and do things. On…

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Product Development and IT

Hans Gelok

Freelance | Online specialist | Product owner (LinkedIn). I help companies operating on the internet with both strategic and marketing issues. I had worked with many of the Infoplaza team over the years but I have been actively engaged with Infoplaza (the…

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Ingrid de Jong

Software Developer In 2013 I started a computer science course at Utrecht University. During this important time I began to realize that my professional interests lay more in front end programming, rather than backend. I enjoy developing both Apps and Websites, not…

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Noud Brasjen

Developer During my studies of Applied Physics at TU Delft, I found out that the most interesting subjects for me were those in which acquired knowledge (data) could help explain everyday life. As a consequence, I would always specialize in subjects that…

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Robert van Dijk

Teamleider ICT (LinkedIn). Throughout my studies of Commercial Economics at the University of Utrecht, I also delved deeper into appropriate ICT solutions. Once my studies had been completed, I started working at the new weather company called HWS Weerbureau in 1998. It…

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Sjoerd Huininga

Developer (LinkedIn). In 2007, I started working at TU Delft in order to complete Mechanical Engineering studies. While working in my spare time I focused on creating a method of processing precipitation in radar images. It was through this project I came…

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