Maximum reliability through an innovative Smart Weather Computer coupled with passionate experts!

Sophisticated, high quality, weather forecasting

InfoPlaza produces weather forecasts using state of the art modelling, applied physics and sophisticated mathematical algorithms.  From data collection and model updates through to forecast editing and quality control, the goal is not only to achieve accurate forecasts but also produce reliable and consistent output. This has been done with the development our Smart Weather Computer.  It is ‘smart’ because it not only incorporates ‘big data’, but it’s also modular by design. As a result, newly available data sources (weather models or client observations) as well as forecasting or processing techniques can easily be introduced.

Optimum and Scenario forecasts

For a specific location, the Smart Weather Computer is able to calculate 100 alternate model runs (each starting with slightly differing weather conditions) so as to produce likely forecast probabilities.  This is called the ‘scenario forecast’.  Based on statistical methodology, the best possible weather forecast for the location is compiled from the scenario.  This best possible forecast is called the ‘optimum forecast’.

By producing 100 different forecast alternatives (which is significantly more that industry standards) it allows for more accurate estimation.  From the scenario forecast it is then possible to calculate a confidence level which in turn creates added credibility for the ‘optimum forecast’.  InfoPlaza was the first European weather company to introduce applied confidence levels to its forecasts and its proven methodology is key to supporting clients when choosing appropriate forecast limits.

Highly trained, expert team

Our expert team consists of forecasters who have either trained at leading meteorological organisations or at university. They have experience in a range of industry sectors that allow them to produce highly tailored and accurate services, delivered in flexible and dynamic platforms.  These industries include road, rail, construction, agriculture, energy and companies working in offshore sectors. From their experience, they have learned how to adapt to changing needs and be flexible in their approach to business requirements. The forecast team understand the complexities and uncertainties associated with weather, so they will work with you to make sure the right choices are made.